Programs at Eduland

Where Lifelong Learning Begins

For most children, kindergarten represents their first step into formalized education. Making this first step an experience that encourages and motivates a child to take many more is absolutely necessary.

Fundamental to Eduland Kindergarten philosophy is the belief that early childhood years represent the most vital period in a child's educative process and therefore every activity during this time is a unique opportunity to learn. Given this opportunity to set the tone for a child's entire life, the pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and daycare programs at Eduland Kindergarten create a warm, nurturing and personal environment to explore the world and their own blossoming potential.

Our program aims to incorporate child-centred and inquiry based learning experiences with top-quality equipment, staffing, and resources. Our educators leverage their expertise and training to deliver the edge that you want for your child – practical impact.

With 7 complimentary offerings Eduland Kindergarten is your "one-stop" preschool.


As a parent you would often have many questions in mind about the pre-school and daycare when deciding to send your child.

In this section we endeavour to answer your questions and address areas of concern on our programmes, child management and safety. If you any questions or are seeking further clarity, we encourage you to email your questions to: You can also send us your queries from the Contact Us section.

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